Dresano, fear of a fire in the center

Dresano, fear of a fire in the center

Photo by Stefano Cornalba

The fireplace of a house is on fire, the resident ends up in the hospital

Fear Sunday afternoon in the center of Dresano for the fire of a villa, due to which an 85-year-old who was slightly intoxicated was transported to the emergency room of the Vizzolo hospital.

The alarm went off around 5.15pm when, apparently, the fire broke out in a house in Via Di Vittorio, a residential area with numerous houses.

At the time of the fire inside the villa there were the 87-year-old husband and the 85-year-old wife, who had to be transported to the hospital although her condition did not raise particular concerns.

Three teams of firefighters from Melegnano and Milan intervened in Dresano, who first tamed the fire and then secured the villa, where the fire affected the kitchen and the entrance in particular.

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The in-depth article on the «Citizen» on newsstands on 10 October 2022


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