New alarm for all users who have an active account on Facebook. Due to a breach, there is a risk that they will steal your data and easily find your personal information. Here’s what you need to know

Nowadays, you have to be very careful about what you go to click or download. Because the real risk is that of facing possible very serious consequences. Hackers and cybercriminals are in fact continuing with their campaigns phishing, malware, virus and much more.

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Due to a flaw, Facebook user data is potentially at risk (Adobe Stock)

In particular, the goal is to identify any flaws in the systems of the most used services ever. So you can “slip” to then steal data and other sensitive information to potential victims. It is the case of Facebookwith a bug that is worrying the millions of users registered on the platform.

Do it on Facebook, watch your personal data: they are at risk

facebook 20221008 mobili.it
400 dangerous apps found, here’s how to defend yourself (Adobe Stock)

He thought the same about having published the disturbing report Half who, through his security team, has published a report in which it is explained in detail what risks users could face. According to what emerged, there are more than 400 app for devices that, disguised as apparently harmless tools, try to convince users to share your Facebook login details.

Thanks to the work carried out by the Meta security team, it was discovered that 355 of the apps in question were present on the Android Play Store. Only 47, on the other hand, were located inside theIOS App Store. They have all been promptly removed by both Apple and Google, so as to avoid any risk. More specifically, over 40% of the infected software was apparently photo editing tools. The others were games, VPNs, and business utility services.

At the level of the mechanism, however, everything started with the creation of malicious apps in disguise. Once the potential victim downloaded the app, she was asked to create an account via the Login function of Facebook. Once the data was entered, the malware worked in secret and stole the credentials. These then ended up in the hands of hackers, who could easily access accounts to steal useful information. But not only that, because the less attentive use the same credentials for multiple profiles, increasing the risks to the nth degree.

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