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Google’s web browser was crowned the worst student in its category in terms of security.

59.96% of French people use Google Chrome (official 2020 figures). Practical, light and optimized for Google services, the browser is by far the most popular in its category, ahead of Firefox, Opera and Safari. Yet the software is also the most susceptible to vulnerabilities, reports an Atlas VPN survey released this week.

Web browser vulnerability 2022
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The most vulnerable browser ever

Based on vulnerability data provided by VulDB, Chrome would have 303 security flaws discovered in 2022. That’s a lot, especially compared to its main competitors Firefox (117), Edge (100) or Opera (0). Especially since this figure, if added to the total number of vulnerabilities discovered since the launch of the browser now reaches 3159 security flaws.

In addition to being the most vulnerable this year, Chrome is therefore also crowned the least secure browser of all time. Compared to Opera, which has only 344 flaws discovered since the beginning of its history, the web giant is a bad student.

Web browser vulnerability
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Figures to recontextualize

Of course, not all is black or white in the galaxy of web browsers. If Chrome has more than 300 security vulnerabilities discovered this year, it’s also becausehe is the most popular in the world. It is therefore logical that Internet users pay particular attention to it. Note also that if they are numerous, these flaws are mostly corrected very quickly. Google deploys human and financial resources commensurate with its power to overcome the vulnerabilities that affect it, and these generally do not survive more than a few hours.

If you’re using Google Chrome, don’t panic. Remember, however, to take a few precautions, which apply to all browsers: do not download any file from a suspicious link, remain vigilant as to the sites you visit, and do not forget to opt for a complex and unique password.

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