How to create a secret folder on Android

If you want to preserve your privacy and keep your sensitive files safe from any prying eyes, it is best to create a secret folder. Next, we show you how.

How to create a secret folder on Android

More and more people are use your mobile to store personal information, such as bank data, images or videos, among others. Therefore, it is necessary to take care of privacy and ensure that these elements are out of the reach of other people, especially when you lend someone your mobile.

A good way to keeping your data private is by creating secret folders, which contain personal files and cannot be viewed by other people, from the default apps. For example, if you add photos to this folder, they won’t show up in the gallery.

Fortunately, there are several ways to create secret folders on Android, and in the next lines, we will cover all of them, including the definitive one, which is to compress these files with a password. Although you can always block the apps and nobody will be able to access them.

Hide folder from file manager

You can hide folders directly from the file manager

You can hide folders directly from the file manager

The first method we will cover is quite simple and does not require you to install third-party programsbecause you can do it directly from the file manager that includes your device.

On Android, when you create a folder and before the name, add the dot (.), this tells the system that the files inside it should not be displayed in any app on the device. For example, there would be something like “.Secret folder”. And this means that if you save photos there, they will not appear in the gallery.

It’s a effective method to create secret folders. However, because of these files and folder will still be accessible to anyone from the file manager, if the option of “show hidden files”. And it is recommended that you use an app to lock access to its content with a password.

On the other hand, there is also a folder in the Android system, called “.nomedia”, which works as a folder for hide files from everyone’s view. It is very similar to the previous method that we have talked about.

Apps to hide folders

Keepsafe is one of the best tools to hide files on Android

Keepsafe is one of the best tools to hide files on Android

If this method is not enough for you, then you can turn to third-party programs, like keepsafe, which is available for free on the Play Store. Basically it allows you to create a kind of secret folder or vault, in which you can store all kinds of sensitive files that you don’t want anyone to see. In addition, it allows you to lock these private albums with a password.

Keepsafe | Play Store

Other good alternative is Andrognito, which is also free and allows you to hide all types of files, from documents, videos and photos safely. It has an attractive interface and is easy to use. But you must be clear that if you change your mobile, all these hidden elements will not be transferred automatically.

Andrognite | Play Store

Compress folder with password

With the RAR app you can compress the files in password-protected folders

With the RAR app you can compress the files in password-protected folders

In addition to the above solutions, it is possible to create a secret folder and compress it with a password to prevent access by anyone. This could be the definitive alternative, because whoever wants to snoop on your files must know the password.

There are some file managers that allow you to compress files and folders, such as Solid Explorer, although many prefer opt for the RAR programsince it is the best known in terms of compression and decompression.

SolidExplorer | Play Store

RAR | Play Store

But you must be careful, because if you forget the password, then you will lose access to these files that you have compressed in the folder. However, it is one of the best alternatives to create secret folders that, even if they are visible, will be inaccessible.

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