Almost eight years after the debut of the first wave of amiibo figures, Nintendo continues to support the line with new releases.

While the company has yet to officially announce the next wave based on Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, images of two new figures have leaked online that are none other than Sephiroth and Kazuya.

Nintendo has been releasing figures based on every fighter in the game, so it’s no surprise that these two are on the way.

Nintendo sales suffer from chip shortage, no one is spared from that

However, most fans were probably expecting to see Pyra and Mythra released first as they appeared in the game before these two fighters.

The two new amiibo were displayed at the Zurich Pop-Con in Switzerland.

The images were shared by @Amiibo News on Twitter direct from the Nintendo Wire page and as you can see each of the new amiibo will look pretty good.

A pair of ideal characters for the Amiibo collection

While Tekken fans will surely be excited for Kazuya to get his own amiibo, Sephiroth will surely be the more requested of the two.

The villain has been hugely popular ever since he made his debut in 1997’s Final Fantasy VII, even after killing Aerith.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate amiibo have always appealed to fans beyond just those who play the game, and Sephiroth is sure to be one that Final Fantasy fans will want in their collection; that’s especially true for those who already own any of the Cloud Strife amiibo that have been released.

In addition to the new Super Smash Bros. Ultimate amiibo, Nintendo has three Splatoon 3-based amiibo arriving during the holiday release window.

The figures will include a blue Octoling, a yellow Inkling and a Smallfry. While amiibo first appeared on shelves at the height of the “toys come to life” craze, the line has far surpassed toy lines like Skylanders, LEGO Dimensions, and Disney Infinity.

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