iPhone, the question everyone asks: how long do they actually last?


When you decide to buy a new smartphone, you first think about its durability. Have you ever wondered how long you can keep an iPhone before changing it? Here is one of the most reliable answers ever

Now the durability of the latest generation smartphone, even for the top of the range, it is gradually decreasing. A choice mainly dictated by companies, who want to push for the purchase of new products. But also by the consumers themselves, always attentive to the latest innovations launched by the main brands.

Old iPhones 20221008 mobiles.it
Have you had an iPhone for a few years and are wondering if it’s time to change it? Here are some useful signs (Adobe Stock)

A reference point for the sector remains the iPhone, a true symbol that has marked several generations. The model 14 has been launched a few weeks ago in four distinct versions, and the hunt for its purchase has begun. But for those who own an older iPhone, is the time to change it already?

How long does an iPhone last (on average) before you need to change it

If you have a iPhone dated in your hands, do not despair: it is not always necessary to buy a new one after 2-3 years. The real needle of the scale is represented by its usability. Can you still take advantage of the main apps and services on offer? Do you have the ability to download via the App Store? Can you watch videos and listen to music? And the phone calls? If the answer is yes to all questions then you can continue using your dear iPhone by.

Old iPhones 20221008 mobiles.it
An important needle of the balance is represented by the latest version of the installable operating system (Adobe Stock)

The problem arises when the latest version of the operating system installed is so old that all the apps and services present can no longer be opened. We are talking about a gradual process that does not come overnight. Apple itself announces well in advance the models that will no longer have support at new iOS versions. In this regard, the list of iPhones unable to install the latest operating system has just been updated.

We are specifically talking about iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, 1st generation iPhone SE, iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus. Then there are those stuck in even older versions. With the iPhone 6, 6 Plus and 5S you can at most use iOS 12. The iPhone 5C supports a maximum of iOS 10 and gradually down to the first versions of Apple’s phone.

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