JBL Live Pro 2 review: comfortable headphones, but far too demonstrative

JBL Live Pro 2 review: comfortable headphones, but far too demonstrative

The Live Pro 2 are pleasant to use on a daily basis. Each earphone has a perfectly responsive and easily accessible touch surface at the top of its arm. It allows you to perform a lot of commands ranging from playback control to volume management, through navigation between tracks. Like Sony, however, you will have to choose between three control profiles within the JBL Headphones app, and therefore sacrifice volume control, playback management or switching from one listening mode to another. the other. In any case, the activation of the phone’s voice assistant can be triggered by a long press on either touch surface. Plus, Alexa and Google Assistant can be voice-activated without having to touch the headphones.

Many of these commands are accompanied by tones or voice prompts (available in French) to best guide the user. Unfortunately, the latter do not lower the sound level and may prove to be completely inaudible at a generous listening volume.

Pairing the headphones couldn’t be simpler, thanks in particular to their Fast Pair compatibility. They communicate in Bluetooth 5.2 (compatible with SBC and AAC codecs) and are compatible with a multipoint function which allows them to be paired with two devices at the same time. The Live Pro 2s can also pause music automatically when one of the headphones is removed from the ear. However, pausing takes about 2s to complete, which can be annoying in some situations.

The JBL Headphones app brings together a number of features and allows you to fine-tune the level of noise reduction or sound reproduction using an equalizer. Unfortunately, we have had a lot of trouble connecting the headphones to the app on many occasions, especially on an iOS device.

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