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We go back to talking about Squadron 42the single player module of Star Citizenfollowing the appearance of a video leak that reveals over 9 minutes of the gameoffering the possibility to see something between narrative and gameplay scenes and also showing the remarkable technical level of the production.

You can see the video at this address, with 9 and a half minutes of film with a remarkable rate of spectacle. This is a video that is not entirely new, but has never been made public: it is reportedly a video for review purposes to be released in a limited way, perhaps internally or as a demonstration of the progress made.

Based on the description, it appears that it is not based on pre-rendered elements but built in-engine based on the graphics effective game, which makes it very impressive, given the level shown.

After exceeding 500 million dollars in crowdfunding, Cloud Imperium Games has shared some updates on copies sold, active players and other statistics, precise information is still missing regarding Squadron 42, which is however one of the elements of greatest interest for many players.

It is, in fact, a real single player game with a mold Campaign narrative, with a progression linked to the story and connected to the multiplayer game universe. Important actors have also been contacted for this section of the game, in a production of considerable level, but we have no information on its release.

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