Red Magic enters the monitor business with a 4K Mini LED panel

Red Magicthe Nubia gaming division (in turn a ZTE brand), announced its entry into the gaming monitor business, and it does so with a bang, as it at least offers a panel-based solution Mini-LEDs manufactured by AU Optronics (AUO).

The Mini LED panel (AUO 7.0) arrives in a size of 27 inches with a 4K resolution of 3,840 x 2,160 pixels capable of reaching a refresh rate of up to 160Hz. This has 1,152 local dimming zones for a more homogeneous light, by means of 2,304 LED bulbs. The rest of the panel information is completed with a 1,000,000:1 contrast, a response time of 1.7 milliseconds (1.7ms GtG), and a maximum brightness of 1,000 nits.

Red Magic succumbs and already has its first high-end gaming monitor

Red Magic gaming monitor

The rest of the information on the monitor goes through offering a single video input in the form of HDMI 2.1which is accompanied by one USB-C port with fast charge up to 90W. Interestingly, connectivity ends there, so it’s not designed for users who want to take advantage of it on a PC next to the console. In this way, the rest of the information goes through being able to adjust in height, tilt and rotate, and that includes an RGB LED lighting system on the back that can be configured by software.

One point in favor is that the company thinks of users who already have one of its gaming smartphones, and that is why this monitor implements wireless projection technology mmWave. In essence, this technology allows the user to project the image from a mobile device wirelessly to the monitor, all while promising higher speeds, frequencies and minimal levels of latency. In other words, you can send the image signal from your mobile device to your laptop and continue playing wherever you were, without the need for any cables. This also implies watching a video from YouTube, Netflix or similar, without having to turn on the equipment.

One more brand in a more than saturated market

Manufacturers must know something to enter the market, and that is that, so far this year, we have seen numerous manufacturers enter this market. One of them was the very Sonywith monitors designed for PC and its PlayStation 5, to other renowned hardware or peripheral manufacturers such as ASRock, CORSAIR, NZXT, or AKRacing, which also revealed their debut on practically the same date.

Specifically, all these brands announced their foray into that market between the months of June and July. The greater the number of manufacturers, the greater the competitiveness should be, but if all of them use practically the same panels From the same suppliers, we can see little fight in prices, but it is clear that this market is becoming saturated with brands and gaming monitors (influenced by consoles). It is logical to expect that in the not too distant future we will see several manufacturers abandon the monitor market due to the low profitability of dealing with so many competitors.

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