the $ 1.3 billion metaverse has only 38 active users a day -

Decentralandone of the metaversi better known and advertised, in reality it is a desert where the few visitors live in perfect solitude, since it only counts 38 daily users active. Despite this, it has a market valuation of around $ 1.3 billion, which is astounding and suggests a bubble of some kind or a very different use of the game (at least in perspective).

In reality, Decentraland is not the only metaverse in user crisis. Even the ultra-publicized The Sandbox has fewer than 1,000 daily active users (522, precisely), while also being valued at more than a billion dollars.

The data collected by the company DappRadar they are merciless and show the complete disinterest of gamers for these experiences, which they evidently perceive as fun as a Povia concert. It must be said that DappRadar data includes as active users only those who make purchases in local cryptocurrencies, therefore they keep out all those who go around the game world doing other things, but the general perception changes little, and is that of stagnant worlds with economies that languish, to the point where one wonders how the companies that manage these metaverses have such ratings.

Decentraland is more solitary than a single player game

Decentraland is more solitary than a single player game

But was there a time when these metaverses aroused public interest? According to DappRadar data, absolutely not. Decentraland’s maximum active users was 675, while The Sandbox recorded 4,503 on its best day.

According to Sam Hamilton, the creative director of Decentraland, the daily users of the metaverse are actually 8,000. The data in question would also include those who passively go around the game world. It seems that the peak of interest was in March of last year, but since then the players have dropped day by day, reaching levels from Babylon’s Fall.

The metaverse best put from the users point of view seems to be the usual one Axie Infinity, known for the exploitation of the labor of poor countries for speculative purposes. According to DappRadar it has 22,000 daily users, due to the greater incentives offered to return daily. These are always lower numbers than many free-to-play video games, or even some highly-played premium games, so much so that one wonders why there is so much excitement in the financial circles towards these products, which however are practically not frequented. from no one.

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