The best tricks to record videos in slow motion with your mobile

We give you some simple tricks to make even better videos with the slow motion function of your mobile.

Like a film director: best tricks to record in slow motion with your mobile

The Camera application of your mobile hides very interesting functions that can help you take more original photos and videos. One of the most common is slow motion video recordingwhich allows you to slow down the recording speed to capture very nice videos that impress if you know how to capture the perfect moment. Basically, what the phone’s camera does is dramatically increase the number of frames that captures every second.

Most mobile phones currently on the market have this tool to record in slow motion, some of them even go a step further and offer super slow motion recording. We have already explained to you how you can record videos in slow motion with your mobile, so now is the time to give you several tricks to improve the recording and that the videos you get are perfect.

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Discover several tricks to record videos in slow motion / Image: Christian Collado

Best tricks to record slow motion videos

Often, due to ignorance or because we do not dedicate time to try new things, we just use the mobile video camera in basic mode. However, with slow motion we can get much more out of it and we will obtain very nice videos for our personal album and also for social networks. If you activate this mode and apply the following tricks, your slow motion videos will be even better.

choose the perfect moment

A key thing when recording videos in slow motion is to know choose the right moment to capture. It is important that there is movement, because in this way the slow motion is much better appreciated and the magic that this type of video has is transmitted more.

This is clearly seen in slow-motion videos made at sporting events, such as football matches. Thanks to slow motion the movements are more spectacular and also we see more clearly what has happened. In addition to the movement of people, the movement of water is also impressive when we record it in slow motion.

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Therefore, when you want to record a video of this style, select the objective that will appear on the screen and prepare the mobile. A second before the action starts, is when you have to hit the shutter so that everything is recorded. In addition, so that the magical and imposing touch is not lost, it is also recommended that slow-motion videos last only a few seconds, do not overdo it with time.

Configure the settings correctly

When activating the slow motion mode, it is possible that the terminal allows you to select some recording settings. For example, the number of frames per second that the camera will capture, something that will have a direct impact on the appearance of the final video. As we say, the possibility to choose some settings is only available in models of some brandsnot in all.

Use a tripod or similar

One of the most common recommendations when taking photos and videos is that you use a tripod, as this simple accessory can completely change the quality of the results. It is key to take good photos with your cheap mobile, and also to record videos in slow motion much more stable. Without a doubt, with a tripod your videos they will look more professional.

If there is no natural light, let it be artificial

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When shooting slow motion video, lighting is essential / Image: Christian Collado

Another aspect that you must take into account is lighting, it is key that the scene you are going to record is well lit. Therefore, if you intend to make the video at night, we recommend that you use an external light source so that the camera can better capture the details.

If you compare a slow-motion video at night with and without light, you will see that the former will be much sharper and the colors will have a more faithful representation of the colors Ultimately, the quality of slow-motion videos is higher when the scene is lit. If you’re shooting in broad daylight, you won’t have this problem.

Confirm that your mobile has free space

A feature of slow motion videos take up a lot of space, so you have to take into account before you hit the shutter. If your mobile runs out of free space during recording, the video will be cut and you will not end up capturing everything you intended.

For this reason, before starting to record, enter the storage section of the terminal and check that you have free space to carry out the recording smoothly. Without a doubt, this trick can take away many headaches.

The final touch: sound

The last thing you should do when recording a slow motion video is to choose the sound that will accompany it well. And it is that this kind of videos don’t have audioso it is you who should choose if you want to leave it without sound or use some video editing application on your mobile to play a song in the background.

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