the biggest mistake in FUT history?

At 7 pm on October 8, one of the largest probably occurred and glaring errors in the history of FIFA Ultimate Team: EA Sports in fact he placed on the shop FUT 23 a packet, from the values ​​of just 25,000 credits which contained a card Tradable FUT Heroes!

The 85,000 credit package also had a similar problem, which contained an IF card inside.

It should be noted that the descriptions of the package, in all languages, including Italian, except in English, spoke of completely different contents. In particular

  • The 85,000 credit pack was classified as: PACC. ESSENT. TOWARDS THE ELIMINATION PHASE – Contains 15 rare gold players, including 1 with a guaranteed rating of 84 or higher, 1 Draft token and a player Towards the Elimination Stage on loan for 7 games. Untradeable items.
  • The 25000 pack, the one with the FUT Heroes was instead present in the Italian store with the description: PACC. BASES TOWARDS THE ELIMINATION PHASE – Contains 5 rare gold players, 3 of which are guaranteed 82 rated or higher, 1 Loan Base Icon, and a 7-Match Loan Player to the Elimination Stage. Untradeable items.


After a few minutes, Electronic Arts, realizing the error, removed the package from the store, but by now, as they say, the damage had been done: the arrival on the market of such a large quantity of cards FUT Heroes has in fact resulted in a collapse of prices cards of unprecedented proportions. Perhaps the same EA, as some well-known faces of the FIFA community suggest, then tried to “fix it” and could have started to “buy” the Heroes cards to solve the market:

Obviously strong was the protest of a large part of the FIFA community, starting from those who did not have the opportunity to buy the package, as well as from the players who were in possession of FUT Heroes cards before the event, users who found themselves within a few minutes with cards that had by now lost most of their value


It is even more sensational than the fact that until now, days after the event, an official communication has not arrived through the social channels of Electronic Arts!

Of course we will update this article as soon as further news emerges

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