These photos illustrate how NASA imagined space travel before making it a reality

NASA, before starting its space activity, already had sketches to represent what was happening up there. These are some examples.

These photos illustrate how NASA imagined space travel before making it a reality

Nowadays, seeing on television how there is a new satellite in orbit with the Earth is not a surprise, but the truth is that it has not always been so easy. The main organizations in charge of space research have carried out important work with the aim of completing missions as complicated as the current ones. At first, however, it was not easy to design specific strategies and models. NASA, in this regard, I already knew the laws of physics that apply in space.

Based on this, they carried out multiple studies to find out how they should operate in order for the studies to be successful. After all, astronauts and equipment worth a few million dollars were going to be sent into space. Therefore, as in these cases, it was decided bet on a classic tool that has always used to work in the early stages of technology development. He opted for making sketches in order to interpret what would happen up there.

What’s the score? Here are some of the representations that were made at the beginning of the race space during the Cold War. Years later, the successes began to arrive, mainly from the United States. The highlight was, without a doubt, nailing the American flag to the lunar surface. By then, the realization of the first drawings was already far away.

How was the interpretation of Space and space machinery at the beginning of everything

The Cold War caused billions and billions of dollars were invested with the aim of carrying out a coup against the former Soviet Union by the United States. As a result of carrying out a series of operations, NASA was able to practically enjoy a blank check. According to information from Gizmodo, these are some of the sketches that allowed the public body dedicated to space research to imagine what future missions would be like. Did they stray too far from reality?

As can be seen in the images, it can be seen how there was a great success regarding the models used. However, there are other snapshots that deviate a little more from the criteria, mainly due to the lack of resources and scientific reports. As a whole, there is a clear approach that demonstrates how, without having experienced a trip yet, had a great deal of knowledge on the subject such as the need for specific equipment or, of course, the incidence of gravity in the equation.

Regarding the different technologies involved in the matter, it has been possible to observe how there has also been a great success on the part of NASA. In fact, the satellites look a lot like the ones pictured in the sketches. This, in a sense, is expected due, above all, to the need for solar panels to have the minimum energy supply. These are, without a doubt, examples that show how NASA already had a great deal of information before the launch of the first missions into space.

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