This is how Windows Update helps us save on the electricity bill

Although we have not stopped to think about it, one of the most energetically expensive moments is when Windows Update installs the updates of Windows. It is expensive for the planet in terms of carbon emissions and expensive for our pockets, with skyrocketing electricity bills.

The reason is that the installation of updates is one of the most complex processes carried out by our computer. Unzipping and installing cause load spikes that push the CPU to 100% and thus increase power consumption. This, regardless of whether we are only watching a YouTube video at the time, for example.

Windows Update uses the cheapest hours in Windows 11 22H2

One of the novelties of Windows 11 22H2 is that Windows Update uses the cheapest times to apply updates. Actually, Microsoft’s goal is to reduce the emission of carbon dioxide from burning gas. Economic savings come from the hand of the marginal electricity market used in Europe.

In this way, Windows 11 2022 Update uses the data from Electricity Maps to know the hours with the least gas emissions and that time interval will be the one that Windows Update uses to install the updates.


Since in Spain we use the marginal market, the hours with the least gas emissions are the cheapest hours, since the price is marked by renewable energies, which are cheaper. In this way, the consumers of the regulated market (PVPC) will see how their equipment is updated in the lower price ranges.

In the case of free market users, they will also benefit. By installing Windows Update Windows 11 updates in the sections with lower gas emissions, the regulated mechanism of the gas cap affects less and the electric bill will end up being lower.

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