This is so mentioned change in call function

There is a much talked about change in WhatsApp calling feature that everyone is talking about. This is already being tested and is a tool related to calls between two or more users, and it will be launched soon.

What is known is that this new WhatsApp feature will allow people to send a link for others to join a group call. Yes, something similar to Zoom, Meet or Microsoft Teams, in calls and videos.

This link can be sent by WhatsApp chats and will allow those who read it to join the group call on their own.

WhatsApp executives explained that the update will be available for both audio and video calls.

On the other hand, what they have not yet explained is the approximate date on which this service will be released for the general public.

premium version

WhatsApp also prepares its own Premium version. It means that it will have very advanced functions, especially for Business.

Among them is the creation of a personalized link that can be shared with the client and not only with the phone number as was done previously.

This new change will be accompanied by others such as the possibility of identifying yourself with a name.

At the moment, nothing has been known about the price that this Premium version could have.

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