This is the money Microsoft earns with Xbox Game Pass

Este es el dinero que gana Microsoft con Xbox Game Pass

The constant doubt about new subscription services in the video game industry has shown that Xbox Game Pass is a good alternative for developers. In addition, many of the criticisms were directed at condemning the service as unprofitable and with a high rate of loss. Well, within the framework of the regulators to activate the purchase of Activision, Microsoft has revealed what it generates with Xbox Game Pass.

According to data, Xbox Game Pass for Xbox revenue was $2.9 billion. This, compared to what was generated in video games, could justify a high investment by Microsoft to grow the service, since only in games they raised $16.28 billion dollars.

Xbox Game Pass is increasingly important for Microsoft

The results are surprising, because in the sale of games, Xbox Game Pass means 30% of the total income. In addition, it represents 18% of the total income per year for Xbox, and growing. These figures are from 2021, and considering that by 2022 the number of subscribers has increased considerablythe increase in income may be even greater by the end of December.

Let’s remember that they are only sales in consoles, because the data of Game Pass on PC are not taken into account.

All this results in the framework of the legal disputes regarding the acquisition of Activision by Microsoft, this being the one that is moving all its arguments to justify the purchase. The progress of this has been significant, since the Brazilian regulator (CADE) has already approved the negotiationleaving the way clear for the second phase and a good precedent in the arguments of the European Union.

Xbox GamePass

This is the money Microsoft earns with Xbox Game Pass - Microsoft reveals everything it generated with Xbox Game Pass in 2021, a figure that increases with the number of subscriptions

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