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that we can play The Legend of Heroes: Trails from Zero on Nintendo Switch and in our country is something incredible. The trail saga is one of the most prolific and revered of the Japanese video game. Despite not having a large budget (behind it is Falcom, a company that is also known for the Ys series), its world-building and characters are of high quality. Which is why the series has carved a niche for itself in the hearts of gamers around the world.

Now thanks to bandai namco, we can enjoy a delivery that is a perfect starting point for those who want to delve into the franchise, and its name already says it: Trails from Zero. Here we come to tell you what you can expect from the game and, more specifically, from its version of Nintendo Switch, so get ready!

Lloyd’s adventure comes to Nintendo Switch

the legend of heroes kiseki switch

The story of Trails from Zero leads us to embody the young Lloyd Bannings, a newcomer to the Crossbell Police Department. There, he will be assigned to a special unit where he will meet unforgettable companions and discover dark secrets that will mark their lives forever. Saying more about it without going into any gutting is somewhat complicated, but without a doubt, the great strength of the game is its story. Although they take a long time to start, the characters that Lloyd meets (and himself) have very marked personalities that make us sympathize with all of them. Also, the events that slowly unfold throughout the game’s chapters are of interestand give rise to a plot that is quite worthwhile.

throughout the game, we will be moving all over Crossbell conducting various investigations. Being a fairly classic role-playing game, the fights will be in turns and we will have up to a total of four members in our team at the same time. The skills of our team (which will depend on some gems that we will have equipped), the objects and a good strategy will be key to get out of the confrontations. In addition, our movement capacity (which will define how many squares we can move) will also play a big role. Of course, our relationship with the rest of our colleagues will also play a great role: as the story progresses, we can talk to them to earn points that increase our affinity with them, which will come in handy. You can know more about the combat system in the next video.

If your thing is to enjoy the stories and not get too complicated with the fighting, the game also has the occasional minigame, such as the one that gives us the possibility of fishing. We will also enjoy fast travel, the possibility of consulting previous dialogues with the right trigger and advance time super fast with the left trigger (something exclusive to this version, which allows us to gain experience without the thing being too tedious). Sometimes, the rhythm of the game can be somewhat irregularand we may feel forced to stop the story to strengthen our team, but with steps like this fast modeeverything is coped in a better way.

Unpublished and improved version

Trails from Zero looks somewhat archaic due to the years behind him, but he still has quite a bit of charm. The soundtrack It also accompanies the experience well, which is appreciated. Something that is worth noting is that the Nintendo Switch version is an improvement over the Japanese remastered release of PlayStation 4. The textures are more defined and in general, it is a version treated with more care that the launch that fans of the series received in Japanese territory some time ago. For this reason, we strongly recommend you to play the game on computers or in the hybrid, since the experience will be much more complete.

The localization of the game has been carried out by the group of fans geofront, who have done a great job to adapt the texts to English. The Japanese voiceovers are pretty good too. As is often the case with these types of titles, the Spanish translation is conspicuous by its absence. Lastly, being a PlayStation Portable remastered game, we haven’t experienced any performance drops or similar issues. Altogether the game it lasted about 60 hours (Taking into account all its chapters until the credits), so enter the extensive average length of the genre.

Trails from Zero Nintendo Switch review

To close this section, there may be some players who wonder why the game is rated for adults. Although it is true that it deals with somewhat obscure topics (such as the abuse of illicit substances, or human trafficking…), the main reason is that in the title there is a casino where we can bet on games like blackjack. That is the reason why the game has such an age rating.

Conclusion of our analysis of Trails from Zero

Trails from Zero

The Legend of Heroes: Trails from Zero is not only one of the cornerstones of the most classic role-playing games, but also the perfect starting point to start the Kiseki series. If you’re looking for a new franchise to obsess over, with a captivating world, incredible characters, and massive conflict, this is not to be missed. It may be a somewhat archaic game at times (and that the years weigh on him in some aspects), but it is a safe bet for any fan of Japanese RPGs.

If you decide to bet on this installment, the future for the series is promising. Falcom is working on localizing more games for the franchise each year, expanding its history. Thus, on the horizon we have titles like Trails to Azure, Nayuta: Boundless Trails or Trails into Reverie (which promises to be quite an event that will unite various plot arcs). Beyond that, the franchise continues its course with new deliveries in Japan whose destination in the West is still uncertain, such as Kuro no Kiseki, whose second installment was recently launched in Japan. Without a doubt, everything indicates that we have Kiseki for a while!

The Legend of Heroes: Trails from Zero is now available for Nintendo Switch in both physical and digital formats at a price of €39.99with texts in English and a storage space for 3188.00MBdo not let it escape!

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