Valve deleted video of the Nintendo emulator on the Steam Deck

Valve has removed a trailer for its portable PC, Steam Deck, which showed it running the Yuzu emulator of switch. The Steam Deck has been touted as a very capable PC ever since it was first announced, meaning buyers would be able to install whatever software they chose regardless of whether it’s approved by Valve.

Valve had only shown products available on Steam installed on the Steam Deck in your own advertising. However, that has recently changed, as the advertisement in question was a short video announcing that the Steam Deck is “available now, without reservation”.

The video detailed many of the features of the Steam Deck. It is during a short segment mentioning improvements to Steam Deck offline mode, where various applications installed on a Steam Deck are shown.

Among them are Fae Tactics, Vampire Survivors, Tunic and Hades. Also shown Yuzuwhich is an application of emulation of switch third-party that allows users to run unofficial digital files from Switch.

In the beginning, many PC gamers and users of Steam Deck they assumed that this was an intentional choice on Valve’s part. After all, emulation is a very popular use of the Steam Deck. However, promoting the emulation of Nintendo Switch games, which would most likely be branded illegal by Nintendo, would be especially brazen on Valve’s part.

Of course, that video has since been taken down, and any hint of Yuzu running on a Steam Deck has been completely removed. It should be made clear that Valve is probably not in any kind of legal trouble.

Downloading, installing, and running the Yuzu app is not a crime, and Nintendo has not taken any legal action against the emulation software so far. It’s the process of turning Nintendo Switch games into digital copies and offering them online that Nintendo is concerned about. However, that doesn’t mean that Nintendo won’t be mad at Valve for the “accident”.

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