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You can talk to the robot in Overwatch 2 Push mode

Overwatch 2 is out and it’s on everyone’s lips. Despite the problems of its launch and the complications that the servers have had to function correctly, the players are happy to have the most famous hero shooter of all back. With its short lifespan, several easter eggs have already been found in the different modes that have come to the game.

This occurs in the new game mode called Push, in which each team must fight in a tug-of-war for control of a robot that pushes a barrier. It is precisely with this robot that some players have been able to realize, and that is that beyond the lines of dialogue that it releases regarding the game, it is also possible to communicate with it and be greeted.

Overwatch 2, new easter eggs that bring the game to life

It may be an irrelevant detail, but these kinds of things are what bring the community together and create healthy spaces for conversation. If you want to interact with the robot, all you have to do is do the greeting action; this being for now the only intentional interaction with the robot, since it always comments on the moves.

Overwatch 2 had a difficult launch due to a DDoS attack on the day of its release, added to this, the problems with the servers have not stopped and complicate the gaming experience. In addition, there are already several complaints regarding the complexity of acquiring character cosmetics.

Cute Easter egg I found from Overwatch

You can talk to the Overwatch 2 Push mode bot - A new easter egg is discovered in the new Overwatch 2 Push game mode. You can interact with the cargo bot.

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