You have to learn how to germinate lemon seeds!

semillas de un limón

Are you passionate about cultivation of precious plants and flowers to have your garden always perfect? We do not doubt it! So today we are going to tell you how to germinate lemon seeds so that in the future you can have this beautiful tree on your list of cared for and enjoyed plants. The lemon is a fruit that, although of Asian origin, is produced mainly in sunny countries such as Spain, Italy and in the state of California in the United States. If you read us from Spain… You will have the perfect conditions to grow it!

We all use lemon in some recipe, but it is also an incredible ingredient to treat some health problems. Due to its huge amount of vitamin C It is perfect for keeping our immune system always healthy, and for this reason it is often used as a remedy for the flu, for example. All you have to do to be able to have a lemon tree in the future is to learn how to germinate lemon seeds, and here we are going to tell you everything.

Step by step to germinate lemon seeds

Germinating lemon seeds is a much simpler activity than the one that has to be carried out to germinate other plants. For example, the apple or the pear carry a process that is not so difficult, but much longer. This does not happen with the lemon and therefore we are going to explain how to do it and start the process of having a beautiful lemon tree in your garden as soon as possible.

germinate lemon seeds

These are the steps you have to carry out to germinate the seeds of a lemon from your house as soon as possible:

  • First of all, you must open the lemon, especially when you are going to use it for a recipe. you take the white nuggets inside, which are also usually removed so as not to find them in the food. You wash them well and leave them dry at least one hour so that they stay perfect, without traces of lemon.
  • After this you must submerge them in a bowl with waterand there they will have to be three hours. All this is done in order to select the seeds that are worth growing and those that are not. When these three hours have passed, you will see that some seeds have remained at the bottom of the bowl and others have remained floating on the surface of the water. These second ones you must discard, and keep those that have been submerged.
  • Then you must dry them very well and it is time to put them in the ground. Select a pot and fill it about a 75% substrate. Then put the seeds there, but leave them half buried. Half buried but still showing a part of the lemon seed.
  • After that you must put above gravel, and now yes, cover them completely. You water it and you can wait for the first shoots to come out to become a future lemon tree.
  • During these 15 days the pot should be in a place where there is natural light, but that there is no direct sun so that they do not dry out. You will see that the stems begin to emerge from the earth, and you will still have to wait for a few to grow. fifteen centimeters to change them into individual pots and start harvesting the lemon tree.

There are also many people who germinate lemon seeds in water. This simply consists of leaving them for 15 days instead of being buried in a pot, in a container with water and covered with plastic wrap, stored in a place where sunlight does not give them direct. There you will begin to see how the seeds have germinated and then you can plant them in a pot.

Both methods are simple, although there are people who say that with the second method, the growth of the lemon tree is faster at first. However, it is easier for the seeds to spoil and there are also other people who prefer the first method.

What other things should you know once you start growing the lemon tree?

Once the lemon plant has grown six or eight inches in the joint pot, you can transfer it to different pots so that they can grow individually.

germinate seeds

At that time you will have to give them a place in your garden, or on your terrace or balcony where they have a few good hours of sun. Once grown they can be both in a place with direct sunas with general sunlight but not direct. you must also water them oftenespecially at the beginning, to make sure that the soil is permanently moist, but never waterlogged.

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