FIFA 23 et FUT victime d'un bug

While Fifa 23 on September 27 on all platforms, many players rushed to the Ultimate Team mode. But this year, a bug has undermined the main interest of this game mode, which is as popular as it is decried.

As is often the case with the release of a new Fifa, players are feverish before laying their hands on the game. Each novelty of gameplay is tracked down and above all, each small bug allowing it to be exploited to change the course of matches is pestering .

If this year, on the virtual field, the brand new “power strike” enrage many gamers, the biggest bug is to be found on the side of the Fifa Ultimate Team mode. A bug that completely disrupts the economy linked to this game mode that has become EA Sports’ golden egg hen.

FUT: The Buggy Heroes Pack

The discontent has therefore started to rise among FUT players for the past few days. As a reminder, FUT mode basically allows you to build a competitive team through card packs. Packs containing more or less rare cards, which can be purchased with points earned in the game or with real money.

Everything was going well for FUT until this Saturday, October 8 when a “Guaranteed Heroes” pack appeared in the FUT store. A pack that ruined the players’ business model.

Ability to resell players

Against 500 Fifa points (the equivalent of 5 euros) or 25,000 FUT credits, it is possible to obtain this famous pack in which it is possible to obtain an extremely rare card from a legendary player such as Jean-Pierre Papin , Rudy Voller, Diego Forlan, Jay-Jay Okocha or even Yaya Touré for a relatively low cost.

The problem is that it was then possible to resell the cards obtained in this famous pack, which completely distorted the market for a few minutes.

EA reacts quickly, but players are enraged

Indeed, as soon as the club was spotted by a few smart guys, it was not uncommon to see certain cards obtained in this Heroes pack sold several million credits. Enough to completely disrupt the economic model of FUT which has been turned upside down and some have managed to make colossal margins. The case had repercussions on the whole market.

If today, EA quickly patched this monumental error, players are not taking off since the FUT market has been deeply disrupted by this bug. Many are asking that the FUT game mode be returned to the state it was in before this pack was discovered. For the moment, the publisher has not communicated on this possibility.

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