A Damn Genius Makes Doom Work In Windows Notepad And Even John Romero Freaks Out

As we well know, it is tradition in the video game industry get Doom to work even in the toaster. We have seen the id Software title on a Sega Mega Drive, on a wheel phone and even within the game itself. A fantasy from which we only expect more and that someone arrives with a new surprise.

That day has come and all thanks to the work done by the user Samperson, who has made the FPS work perfectly in Windows Notepad. That’s right, no tricks, no traps, just shoot demons from hell until you kill them all.

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You have to have several aspects that Samperson himself comments on. The first is that Doom runs at 60FPS in this format, which is really exceptional. You haven’t throttled the game speed to make that impression, you haven’t modified the notepad.exe code in any way, and the game is completely playable.

An absolutely great achievement that will soon be shared with everyone to be able to play on our PC. Of course, such a feat has not gone unnoticed by John Romero himself, creator of doom. A simple “incredible” is enough to make clear his opinion on the matter.


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