Apple's accident detection system mistakes roller coasters for traffic accidents

Apple’s accident detection system mistakes roller coaster rides for traffic accidents. According to several American media, this functionality, called Crash Detection, has made several automatic emergency calls in the United States (to 911, the equivalent of 112 Spanish) believing that users on board an attraction had suffered an accident.

Crash Detection, included in some of the brand’s devices, is capable of detecting a serious car accident and automatically contacting the emergency services at 20 seconds to record the collision. If the owner of the device does not respond immediately to confirm that he is okay, this functionality will play an audio message for the emergency services, informing them of the situation and the location of the event.

This accident detection, turned on by default, is built into some iPhone 14 models (with iOS 16) and the clocks Apple Watch Series 8, Apple Watch SE (2nd generation), and Apple Watch Ultra running the latest version of its operating system watch OS 9.

9to5Mac collects information published by The Wall Street Journal and the web Coaster101 that speak of this type of incidents in the amusement parks of King’s Island and Dollywoodboth in the United States.

One of the cases is that of a woman who got on a roller coaster that rises to about 33 meters high and exceeds 50 kilometers per hour. Getting off the ride, the iPhone 14 Pro user ran into calls and voice messages in which the emergency service He asked if she was okay and demanded an answer.

warning signs

For its part, in Coaster101 publish that in two of the most powerful roller coasters of the Dollywood amusement park, in Tennessee, they had installed posters that warned that the movement of the machine can make unwanted calls to emergencies.

Apple has not yet announced any measure to improve this system, which, yes, can be deactivated by doing using airplane mode. Another option is to turn off, from the settings menu, the option Call after a serious accident. If you have a smart watch, the Apple Watch app has an option to disable the accident detection service.

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