Capcom had to make a shorter Lady Dimitrescu to make her playable in Resident Evil Village

Resident Evil Village, one of the best games of 2021, will receive its long-awaited DLC, Winter’s Expansion, this October 28, in time for Halloween. The main content of the DLC will be the Shadows of Rose story, a longer than usual expansion set years later, with Rose Winters as the protagonist.

But a lot of new content will also be added for the mode The Mercenaries from Resident Evil Village. Specifically, new unlockables, levels, abilities and playable characters, such as Chris Redfield or Karl Heisenberg.

But the most anticipated by fans is the possibility of playing with Lady Dimitrescu, the villain who caused a sensation by measuring almost three meters tall. Although in Los Mercenarios she has received a “downgrade” for technical reasons.


Resident Evil Village Gold Edition – Mercenary Mode Trailer

Capcom has had to reduce the height of Lady Dimitrescu to make it controllable

Kento Kinoshita, the director of Resident Evil Village, told it in an interview on Polygon. “Lady Dimitrescu’s height had many challenges during development, but in the end we were able to implement it with her enormous stature, taller than any other character.”

In The Expendables, it is necessary for the player to be able to control their characters easily, and to make this possible we adjusted their height a little less than 2.7 meters (9 feet). At that height, the player touches the ceilings“.

This means that they have had to shrink Lady D a bit (measures 2.9 meters in-game) to make it possible to use it in The Mercenaries, but players won’t notice it. In fact, instead of using firearms, he will attack melee… or will throw furniture.

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For this attack, they were inspired by a moment in the game where Alcina Dimitrescu throws a vanity at the player. They decided that his attack would consist of throwing furniture: it is original and fun, without worrying about the logic of making furniture out of thin air.

Resident Evil Village: Winters’ Expansion is coming out on October 28. All content (the Rose expansion, The Expendables characters, and the third-person mode) are part of the paid DLC.

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