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Very bad news has recently come from the official Overwatch forums in Latin America, since, as reported by one of the game’s Community Managers, tomorrow the servers in this region will no longer be working.

A few hours ago Lorielyth Community Manager of Blizzard in charge of Overwatch has just updated a thread that dealt with certain connection problems of the Overwatch servers located in Chile (SAC1) and Argentina (SAA1), as described in his publication has been taken the decision to remove these servers from the game.

As described, due to “factors beyond their control” they have made the decision to withdraw the SAC1 (Chile) and SAA1 (Argentina) servers, as of August 16, 2019. The message also tries to reassure those who You can worry about this information by publishing that “the matchmaking system, as usual, will match us automatically, but now with other servers”, as it says to “provide the best possible experience”.

Initially when the tests of these servers began in early 2018, Neleimour, at that time the Overwatch Community Manager, commented that the servers were basically in an extended “Beta” period and that they had no end date for this test, It seems that today, and probably due to the incorporation of the game’s RoleQ system, the decision has been made to eliminate these Overwatch servers.

What will happen to those who benefited from these servers?

One of the things that will happen is that now all the players in Peru, Argentina, Chile and Bolivia (probably) will start to experience higher latency, in the first instance because the closest server in South America is the one located in Brazil. This could affect our next matches as well as our Performance.

On the other hand, Latino players from those countries represented only a small section of those who enjoy the Blizzard video game, with the longer Matchmaking times offered by the new RoleQ, we would probably end up stopping playing due to not finding games faster, so The decision may have been made to bring this entire region together in Brazil, which is the country where most of the Latin servers are in different video games.

The official message from Blizzard has not mentioned that this is a final decision, however, we will have to once again get used to a language barrier with our brothers in Brazil.

Source: eurogamer.net

Overwatch is available on the Playstation 4, Xbox One and PC platforms.

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