It may seem paradoxical but instead it is the pure reality: using the smartphone too much can cause a series of pathologies unfortunately recognized by traditional medicine.

Starting from the most banal carpal tunnel syndrome, which can affect people who use smartphones mainly with one hand, straining the thumb too much, what then emerged is a very serious picture that however ranges in the field of psychological pathologies.

Smartphone, notification anxiety - Cellulari.it 20221008
Smartphone, notification anxiety – Cellulari.it

The latest discovery, in chronological order, is the so-called “ringxiety” syndrome, a pathology which, as the name implies, highlights an anxious syndrome due to lack of notifications.

Anxiety and Ring are the components of the new smartphone pathology

To the century, Ringxiety represents a crasis between words Ring And Anxiety: the first represents cell phone notifications, the second needless to say is literally translated anxiety.

But how does it manifest itself? In essence, what happens to those who suffer from it is that they imagine that they are constantly hearing notifications and vibrations from their mobile phone, even if this is not actually happening.

Young people with cell phones - Cellulari.it 20221008
Young people with cell phones – Cellulari.it

Basically those who suffer from Ringxiety all he does is take his mobile phone and check for notifications, alienating himself from social life and moving away even the closest people, to spend time shaking the smartphone screen, sure that he has received some notification.

Except being very disappointed to realize that this is not the case, even if inside the pockets of jeans or jacket you always seem to hear the phone ringing or vibrating.

We called it Ringxiety but its exact scientific name is “Phantom Vibration Syndrome”: it is a state of continuous anxiety based precisely on false perception vibration of the smartphone.

Sufferers are actually subject to a real one withdrawal from notifications which even goes so far as to alter his social and sentimental relationships.

The study that brought this new pathology to the attention, which translates into real hallucinations that are increasingly frequent among the new generations, however, wonders why they are so frequent.

Scholars have not yet found a definite motivation but we are still walking in the field of hypotheses: we speak of exaggerated use of the smartphone, or the compulsive need to swipe up on the screen in order not to miss even a notification. Or perhaps both of these hypotheses combined with each other could explain the reason for the onset of this pathology.

For sure, the use of the mobile phone has become very present in everyday life, so much so that being even just an hour without today is an insurmountable problem.

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