DOOM run on Windows Notepad, by the man who tried to resurrect the Kinect -

Developer Sam Chiet, Samperson on YouTube, is known for attempting often absurd computer exploits, such as running DOOM on Block notes Windows or try resurrecting Kinect. How can you run a game like DOOM on Notepad? It actually requires some work, particularly in transforming graphics into ASCII characters. It is certainly not the best to play it like this, but the feat is still remarkable.

The DOOM strand run on unlikely devices or software arouses a particular fascination for coders. After all, who would not want to deal with the code, practically perfect, written at the time by John Carmack? Versatile, clean, easily adaptable to practically everything.

Note that DOOM on Notepad runs without changes to the original source code and that, despite some difficulties in decoding the graphics, it goes to 60FPS and is playable from start to finish. Chiet has promised that she will soon explain how she did it and make it available for download. The most popular theory of how he did this is about game frames captured and converted to ASCII, only to be copied to the known block 60 times per second.

The attempt to resurrect Kinect is always very recent. Chiet posted a dedicated video a month ago. She is working on it for now, even though she has shown results. We will see if the company will be successful.

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