A very serious problem that Samsung is facing with the batteries of its smartphones. Especially following the latest testimonials released on YouTube. The company’s response was not long in coming

It has been one of the most talked about topics in recent weeks. According to what emerged and explained by several youtubers on the Google platform, several branded smartphones Samsung would be affected by a serious battery problem.

samsung batteries 20221009 mobiles.it
Battery problem with Samsung, after long discussions and issues that emerged in the past few weeks, the company’s response has arrived (Adobe Stock)

In particular, the models that are put aside and not loaded for some time, could represent a danger to users. Specifically, months after the last recharge the batteries may swell due to the creation of gas. Then, when they reach a limit level, the cells risk exploding and causing a fire.

Battery problem with Samsung, the company’s response

You also have one in the house Samsung smartphone that you no longer use and have not loaded for a long time? Be very careful, because you could risk a lot in case of excessive cell swelling. If you want to fix it, there is an action not to be done for any reason: charge the phone. The latter does not even need to be disassembled to remove the battery. It would be good to put it in a fireproof bag. Or if the device is relatively new, you can try to contact the company for a possible exchange.

samsung batteries 20221009 mobiles.it
However, we cannot yet speak of a definitive solution. The next few weeks will be decisive in understanding how consumers will have to behave to avoid serious consequences (Adobe Stock)

Meanwhile, the company’s response on the subject has arrived. There wasn’t a real stance about. It was the support team that intervened, however, giving rather general answers and proceeding with the withdrawal of the phone concerned. It seems that the South Korean giant is working to understand how to solve it all, but to date there is no definitive solution. Hopefully, the answer to the problems will come quickly, as the consequences could be quite serious.

Especially if a fire spreads in the home of users who own old Samsung devices. In that case, the company will have to contend with much heavier problems, which could also end up in court. We will see if comforting news will arrive in the next few weeks or if we will have to wait even longer before we have an answer. Meanwhile, hold away the old telephones from your homes.

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