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The closed beta of Street Fighter 6 ended just a few hours, giving some lucky players the opportunity to try out the new iteration of Capcom’s fighting game series. However, some of them have invested much of their time incharacter creation editorin some cases deliberately creating fantastic scribbles thanks to the numerous options available.

The Street Fighters 6 character editor is really packed with options. From the basic ones, such as hairstyle, facial features and tattoos, to the possibility of modifying the musculature and the body structure of your virtual avatar.

Once the game is available in stores, this will inevitably lead to the creation of more or less faithful replicas of famous characters from manga, anime, cinema and TV series, but also of real ones. masterpieces of uglinesssimilar to what happened with Elden Ring, as shown by some of the tweets published by the community during the closed beta and that we have reported below.

Street Fighter 6 is currently in development for PC, PS5, PS4 and Xbox Series X | S with the release date expected during the course of the 2023. We recently had the opportunity to thoroughly test the closed beta of the new Capcom fighting game, here are our impressions.

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