Game Pass subscription generated $2.9 billion on consoles in 2021

And if this South American organization has already given the green light unconditionally to this historic takeover of an amount of 69 billion dollars, interesting information continues to show through. As Derek Strickland points out on the Tweaktown site, Microsoft revealed that the Xbox Game Pass subscription generated $2.9 billion on consoles. Unpublished data that can be put into perspective with all of Microsoft’s video game revenues and with the subscription of its direct competitor.

This figure of 2.9 billion dollars, which therefore does not include PC subscribers or income generated indirectly by the Game Pass (such as the purchase of a game or additional content), represents 18% of the income. total recorded by Xbox in 2021 (16.28 billion dollars, its peak year). As a reminder and as officially announced by Microsoft, the number of Xbox Game Pass subscribers was 18 million in January 2021. This figure has since increased to 25 million in January 2022.

A central pillar of Microsoft’s strategy, Xbox Game Pass aspires to become the most important subscription in the industry, helped by acquisitions that only Microsoft can afford, but still has a little way to go to catch up with its competitor the better established. In 2021, Sony Interactive Entertainment generated $3.6 billion with its PlayStation Plus and PlayStation Now subscriptions (15% of PlayStation’s total revenue for the financial year). Remember that these two subscriptions have since merged and represent close to 50 million subscribers.

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