Du gore, de l’horreur, des ambiances sombres et de la sorcellerie… La sélection des jeux Nintendo Switch de la semaine à ne pas rater !

Game News Gore, horror, dark atmospheres and witchcraft… The selection of Nintendo Switch games of the week not to be missed!

We meet again, once again, for our selection of Nintendo Switch games. The week of the 10th to the 16th is marked by many titles with a spooky atmosphere, which are reminiscent of the approach of Halloween. No time to lose, let’s go right away!


We begin our selection with Bloodwash, a horror game for those nostalgic for the first Playstation. Quite gore, this title focuses on its narration where a serial killer prowls in a laundromat. You will play Sara, a pregnant student who will meet this murderer who exclusively attacks women who are expecting a child. Retro graphics and a slightly goofy story will give this horrific adventure a noticeable charm. Dirty laundry has never been so dangerous.

In Sound Mind is a psychological horror game. You play as Desmond, a shrink who is caught between fiction and reality. You will pass through different worlds that correspond to the subconscious of your patients. These memories and traumas are riddled with riddles, puzzles and bosses to fight. Your objective remains the same as with a couch: to soothe and treat your patients of the psychological obstacles of which they are prisoners. A gripping horror game that explores the depths of our greatest fears.

Unusual Findings

If you like the famous Netflix series Stranger Things, a game with a very similar name and atmosphere should please you. Unusual Findings is a Point & Click set in the 80s. You will follow three young people who find themselves embroiled in a story of extraterrestrial invasion, the mysteries of which they seek to unveil. A neat pixel art game where every decision can impact the course of the story. Overflowing with nostalgia, this game will transport us to that fun time of the 80s.

The Darkest Tales is a platform game set in a sinister universe. You will play as Teddy, a brave teddy bear who has given himself the mission of saving Alicia, the child who has become an adult to whom he belongs. For this, he must cross the world of nightmares and fight many enemies. Fairy tales have darkened and you will make gloomy discoveries about the heroes of your childhood. A game as dark as it is mysterious that does not lack challenges.


Let’s gently end our selection with a metroidvania platform game. You will play as a little witch who goes on an adventure after noticing strange changes in her usually peaceful kingdom. You will explore a world full of mysteries between magic forest and dark cave. You will be able to fight with powerful spells and melee, because your magic wand is also a melee weapon. An adorable pixel art game full of sorcery.

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