Have you run out of memory on your smartphone and want to transfer photos to your computer? Here’s how to do it quickly and easily

There is nothing more annoying than having to clear the phone memory. A factor actually attenuated in recent years thanks to the increase in internal storage space (remember the first smartphones with “meager” 16 gigabytes of storage?), But which in some cases continues to interest many users, especially those who take a lot of photographs or use their device to store any kind of memory.

Photos on the mobile
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If you too have run into this problem and are looking for a way to make room on Apple phonewe suggest some remedies that you may find useful: they are simple and fast, also because you only need to have a computer, whatever the operating system (Windows or Mac).

Owners of a Mac and a Mac will be able to use Photos, the Apple app included on both operating systems (iOS for the mobile part, and macOS for that computer). All you have to do is connect the smartphone to the PC via Lightning cable and wait for the Photo app to load (automatic, by the way); in case of problems, just launch it manually.

At this point, select the images in the iPhone gallery and click on Import to automatically transfer them to the Photo Library. Very simple.

If you are using a computer with an operating system instead Windowsyou will have to first install iTunes (which on Mac has been incorporated directly into Finder) and follow the procedure on the screen.

Transfer photos from phone to PC via cloud

Photos on the mobile
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Finally, there is a third, even faster solution, which is more and more widespread: the cloud. The “cloud” is in fact the most effective method to save space on the mobile phone and move one’s memories (especially photographs, which are notoriously heavy) in a safe and accessible place via any device (not only smartphone, but also PC) .

There are several cloud platforms to draw on, first of all iCloud: if you have bought an iPhone, you will certainly have a free storage space of 5 gigabytes, further “expandable” through special paid plans. Alternatively, it always exists Google Drive (15 gigabytes) and other very popular services, such as Microsoft OneDrive And DropBox: for each of these there is a special app on the mobile phone, while for the computer it is sufficient to connect to the appropriate official pages, entering your credentials.

Thanks to cloud storageyou can securely store content and move files from your phone to your computer and vice versa.

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