how to prepare for the discounts of 11 and 12 October

They are called “Prime Exclusive Offers“, but they have already been renamed”Prime Day of Autumn“: this is the 48 hours of discounts on Amazon which repeats, in October, what we have already seen in July. That is, a lot of convenience deriving from many discounted products, from large and small brands and in all product categories present on the largest ecommerce in the world. Exactly like the Prime Dayhowever, also the Prime Exclusive Offers they have very specific rules. The first is undoubtedly the need to be subscribed to Prime.

Subscribe to Amazon Prime and take advantage of the 30-day free trial

How Prime Exclusive Offers work

They are called “Prime Exclusive Offers“because they are reserved for those who have a subscription to Amazon Prime. Just like Prime Day, in fact, the two-day October discounts require a subscription that, for a few weeks, has cost a little more: from 15 September 2022, in fact, the cost of the Prime subscription is 4.99 euros per month (or € 49.90 per year).

However, just like on Prime Day, the Prime Exclusive Offers Amazon also grants participation to those who are enjoying the 30 day free trial of the new subscription. So, in theory and also in practice, you need to be a Prime subscriber to participate in the offers but it is not mandatory to pay the subscription.

In any case, those who have a subscription will be able to participate in the initiative that will take place from midnight on 11 October to 11.59 pm on 12, then 48 hours full and full of discounts and offers. Including the lightning dealsthose extremely advantageous but only on a limited number of pieces and for a very few hours.

Subscribe to Amazon Prime and take advantage of the 30-day free trial

How to really save with Amazon offers

All users a little more “smart“they already know and it would be incorrect to deny it: not always an offer on Amazon is really as good as it sounds. This is because often the seller “plays“with the price in the previous days, raising it by a lot for make the discount seem larger. It even happens to buy discounted products that still cost more than they cost in the previous days.

These behaviors are poorly tolerated by Amazonwhich on the other hand does not implement them with the products that it sells and ships in person (all products with the indication “Sold by: Amazon – Ships by: Amazon“). For avoid any risk we advise you to install a good Chrome extension to monitor the price trend on Amazon, in order to see if there have been any strange movements in the days before the discount days.

Two of these, the most famous and used, are CamelCamelCamel And Keepa. They both do a great job even in their free basic version and offer more than enough information for really save on Amazoneven outside the special offer periods.

How to sign up for Prime to participate in the offers

In light of what has been said so far, and reminding you that in November there will be another big discount event on Amazon (the famous Black Friday / Cyber ​​Monday), we therefore recommend that you go through the Amazon Prime registration procedure and take advantage of the first ones 30 days free just to try the exclusive Prime Offers.

Also because, in addition to the possibility to participate in exclusive events, with the Prime subscription from 4.99 euros per month you can also get the free same day deliveries on thousands and thousands of products, the a Prime Videowith an immense catalog of films and TV series in streaming (and 16 Champions League matches per season), the subscription to Amazon Music base, unlimited cloud space on Amazon Photos (and 5 GB free for videos) and the ability to subscribe to a channel for free ..

Subscribe to Amazon Prime and take advantage of the 30-day free trial

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