Intel Alder Lake BIOS source code leaked

Intel Alder Lake BIOS source code leaked

there are already several data theft attacks those that some large companies have suffered, the most recent affected Rockstar where we were able to see many pictures and videos of the upcoming GTA 6 game. Now it has been Intel’s turn, of which they have published on GitHub and 4chain the source code of the BIOS for processors Alder Lake. The leaked code includes 6GB of datawhich includes the source code along with tools, where analysts have already begun examining it to determine if it can pose a danger to users of these processors.

Geeknetic Leaked Intel Alder Lake 1 BIOS Source Code

Although the data leak corresponds to this BIOS of Intel processors, the robbery has not been directly to them. According to what we can read in Tom’s Hardware, an employee of a company that works with Lenovo seems to be the origin of this leak on GitHub. On the part of Intel they seem to be calm, since when they deliver this code to the manufacturers they usually remove the most sensitive parts to avoid bigger problems. Intel already provides information of this kind to motherboard manufacturers, which have similar information in order to manufacture their products. Although the code has already been removed from GitHubit has been possible to make a copy and it has been spread over the Internet in a massive way.

Still, Intel has reminded that this is included in your rewards program and invites users who find a vulnerability to contact the manufacturer, the rewards go up from 5,000 to 100,000 dollarsIt depends on the severity of the problem. Analysts like Mark Ermolov have already found some interesting data that may present some security issueswe will see what the manufacturer does about it and if this leak can really be a problem.

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