Intel will build its own "Raspberry Pi" with 8 GB of RAM and 4 Cores

Raspberry Pi are very popular due to the tiny size of their boards, their low price and their great flexibility. If we have to give them a negative aspect, it would be around their performance, since they are quite limited depending on what you want to use them for. Intel and SiFive are willing to change the latter, with a development platform RISC-V “Horse Creek” which will be inspired by the raspberry pi, but it will be more powerfulwith 8GB of DDR5-RAM.

The raspberry pi has been with us for almost a decade, since the first version arrived in 2012. This had a good initial reception, since we had a small plate with which we could do a multitude of projects. That yes, we could not demand much from him, because the hardware that he had was short for many things, because the version 1 model A had a single core at 700 MHz, 256MB of RAM and a Broadcom graphic Video Core IV. However, their main advantagein addition to its small dimensions, was the price, given that it cost a few 40 euros. Over the years, this small plate was updated until it reached the Raspberry Pi 4 Model B current, with Quad A72 cores at 1.5 GHz and up to 8GB LPDDR4 RAM.

Intel and SiFive create Raspberry Pi-inspired “Horse Creek” board

A year ago Intel said it would build its own RISC-V development platform based on the SiFive Performance P550. This would be part of collaboration between SiFive and Intel, in order to develop boards to promote the growth of the RISC-V ecosystem. SiFive has been working with Intel since the announcement of the strategy IDM 2.0 of the blue company. In fact, as a contributing member of your services to Intel Foundry Services (IFS), is helping to produce platforms RISC-V like the one mentioned, under the name of horse creek.

At a glance, we can clearly see that Intel has been inspired by the design of the Raspberry Pi to carry out this project. This little board was first presented to the public at the developer conference Intel Innovation 2022. This incorporates in its interior a RISC-V processor of quad core SiFive Performance P550 with the manufacturing process Intel 4. Thanks to this, the die has only dimensions of 4mm x 4mmMeanwhile he encapsulated BGA measure 19mm x 19mm.

This RISC-V board will have 8 GB DDR5 at 5600 MHz and a PCIe 5.0 slot.

Intel Horse Creek 2 Specifications

Continuing with the rest of the characteristics of this kind of Intel Raspberry Pi, we have nothing less than 8GB of DDR5 RAM at a speed of 5600MHz. This represents a fairly noticeable jump compared to RAM DDR4 a 3200MHz that uses the Raspberry Pi 4. But, more important than all this, is the fact that it brings one PCIe 5.0 x8 slotsomething unexpected seeing that its size is not much larger than a Raspberry.

Also, the 4 cores P550 inside it will work 2.2GHz with 2MB of shared SRAM memory. Along with all this, we have a large number of monitoring and debugging interfaces and on the board we can see that there is a ATX-connector. This would mean that it is actually closer to a computer motherboard in its structure. Regarding the demonstration of the operation of this Horse Creek, Linux was used where it showed its use in a video game running using only the CPUwell don’t have gpu.

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