iPhone 14 accident detection calls for emergencies on roller coasters

Several emergency services in the United States have detected false messages of accidents from users who had climbed on roller coaster attractions. The person responsible for these alerts is a new function that the new generations of iPhone 14 and the new Apple Watch Series 8 and Ultra have: accident detection. If the user suffers a serious car accident and does not respond to a mobile alert, it makes an automatic call to the emergency number and provides the coordinates in which it is to help the possible rescue.

Accident detection is designed so that the rescue call is automatic. If the iPhone thinks a crash has occurred, it warns the user on its screen and waits 10 seconds. If the person does not rule it out, the alert call is produced to promote the rescue.

Some attractions have already asked users if they have the new models to activate airplane mode

To implement this feature, Apple has equipped its new devices with a new accelerometer capable of detecting extreme accelerations, such as those experienced in serious crashes, up to 256 g. That component, along with a new gyroscope and an elaborate algorithm, are what make detection possible.

Apple has pointed out that it has trained this function of its devices from more than a million hours of real driving and data from collisions of all kinds with various vehicles.

the new york newspaper The Wall Street Journal has reported the existence of six false accident detection calls from users who were at the Kings Island amusement park and also from others on a roller coaster at the Six Flags Great America park, on the outskirts of Chicago.

When getting on one of these attractions, it is normal for the person to keep the mobile in a safe place and, during the time that the tour lasts, full of intense accelerations, it is difficult for him to attend to any possible warning on the screen.

In addition to the emergency services, if the user has someone marked as an emergency contact, the iPhone or Apple Watch sends them a message informing them that the accident has been detected and that the emergency contact has been notified. 911, a number that in the United States is equivalent to the 112 that is used in Catalonia and other autonomous communities.

In addition to the solutions that Apple tries to train its system so that in the future it does not act on roller coasters, accident detection can be disabled or the phone put in airplane mode, which some attractions are already asking for.

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