iPhone and Apple Watch crash detection has a surprise enemy: roller coasters

One of the novelties of the iPhone 14 is the accident detectionan option that was already available in some models of the Apple Watch and that allows the watch or mobile to automatically call the emergency services if the event occurs, unless the user cancels the call.

The option is interesting, but a problem has arisen. False positives are occurring, and Blame it on the roller coasters of amusement parks. Apple neither confirms nor denies the problem.

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In recent weeks, amusement parks such as Kings Island or Dollywood have noticed a growing trend in their customers: those who have an iPhone 14 or already had an Apple Watch with that option are calling the emergency service unintentionally.

In Kings Island they have detected these false positive calls on at least six different occasions, and in Dollywood have come to include a warning in which it is recommended that users do not carry themselves on attractions: “Apple Watches and similar devices can activate their emergency call function,” they warn.

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Source: 9to5Mac

An Apple spokesperson indicated in The Wall Street Journal that the algorithms used in the detection of accidents were validated using over a million hours of data of crashes in driving tests and of real crashes in the laboratory.

In addition, he said, the function “is extremely accurate in detecting severe crashes”, and that the company had optimized it so that users could get help and at the same time false positives will be minimized.

Apple didn’t provide much more information on how to minimize those false positives, but did say that “Apple will continue to improve over time“.

How to avoid those false positives? As indicated in 9to5Mac, the simple way to do it is turn on airplane mode so that those calls cannot be made.

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