it could slightly correct the biggest flaw of the S22

According to leaker Digital Chat Station, the Samsung Galaxy S23 should be entitled to a slightly increased battery capacity. This suggests a slightly better autonomy, after a catastrophic Galaxy S22 in this area.

Samsung Galaxy S23 // Source: Onleaks

Expected for the beginning of 2023, the Samsung Galaxy S23, S23 Plus and S23 Ultra will gradually become the center of media attention. The leakers are having a great time, they who have been multiplying leaks for several months already. The latest is precisely the smallest of the three models.

Digital Chat Station — via Weibo — thinks it knows the battery capacity of the upcoming Galaxy S23. As a reminder, that of the Galaxy S22 was around 3700 mAh. Which was far too little to satisfy greedy users in their uses. We pointed it out in our long-term feedback.

small increase

Aware that the Galaxy S22 did not bring satisfaction on this criterion, Samsung would therefore like to beef up its game: this is why the Galaxy S23 could carry a 3900 mAh accumulator, i.e. a gain of 200 mAh from one generation to another . Will this revolutionize its autonomy for all that? Doubt is allowed.

Samsung Galaxy S23 // Source: Onleaks

Nevertheless, every improvement, no matter how small, should be welcomed with open arms. Above all, this slight gain could fit into a more global optimization of the phone. There is indeed a good chance that future European Galaxy S23s will carry a Qualcomm chip under their hood – the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 in this case.

Rising measurements?

Put together, these more or less minor changes potentially have the shoulders to boost the autonomy of the phone. In another register, and in the event of a proven larger battery, the Galaxy S23 could also be a little overweight. As we know, the battery is the most imposing component in a phone.

We could therefore expect a Galaxy S23 a little thicker and heavier, without this upsetting the handling of the smartphone. According to other indiscretions, the Galaxy S23 Plus should also gain 200 mAh – from 4700 to 4900 mAh –, when the Ultra version would play it conservative by keeping its 5000 mAh battery.

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