Leroy Merlin doesn't give away a drill, it's a phishing campaign

An alleged message from the Leroy Merlin company is circulating via email and other broadcast channels, in which it announces to customers that they have been awarded a new model of drill, the Makita Power Drill, an alleged limited edition, but it is of a phishing campaign. To achieve this, the message indicates that they must click on a link that will take them to a website where they can fill in their data, in order to be able to send it to them. However, it is a scam.

Leroy Merlin has launched an alert through your social networks in which they explain to customers that they are not giving away a drill. The company “wants to state that it is not making any communication of this type […] so it is totally unrelated to this type of communication that some of our clients are receiving,” the message indicates. At the end of the text, the company mentions the official Twitter of the National Police. In turn, Leroy Merlin’s Institutional Communication department assures Newtral.es that the company has initiated legal action.

Neither survey nor loyalty program: Leroy Merlin is not giving away a drill, it’s a phishing campaign

The messages that have been sent through email, and those that you have asked us about through our WhatsApp verification service, made the customer believe that Leroy Merlin gave customers a Makita Powell Drill. Cybercriminals had two different ways to access customers’ personal data. In the first, they asked the person to click on a link that would take them to a survey that they had to fill in with their data.

The second message announced the person who had supposedly been chosen to participate in their loyalty program and whose gift was a drill. To do this, the client had to click on a button that said: ‘confirm now’. At the bottom, in fine print, the message concluded with the following: “It will only take a minute for you to receive this fantastic award…Makita Powell Drill.” Both messages have turned out to be a campaign of phishingas confirmed since Leroy Merlin.

The alleged gift of a drill: Leroy Merlin and the other ‘phishing’ campaigns

The alleged freebie of a drill isn’t the first phishing scam Leroy Merlin has encountered. In 2020, the company also reported through its social networks that alleged fraudsters had imitated the company’s logo and aesthetics to deceive customers, with the aim of obtaining their data. The scam, which also circulated through email and other dissemination channels, consisted of a text message in which they said that they were giving away 1,000 euros to the first people who wrote the words ‘VALE’ or ‘LEROY’.

In August 2022, the company’s logo and typography were falsified again. This time, the supposed campaign announced “the summer of gifts”, for which they raffled off a barbecue. It was also a campaign phishing.

What is ‘phishing’

The campaigns of phishing, like the one Leroy Merlin suffered with the alleged gift of a drill, are scams carried out and sent mainly through instant messaging services such as WhatsApp, email and SMS. As we already explained in Newtral.es, the term phishing It comes from the verb “to fish” in English. The scam consists of a cybercriminal sending us a message to see if we “bite” and accidentally give him personal information (usually bank details). In this article we indicate the keys to detect a computer scam and know how to avoid it.

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