Lufthansa bans AirTags, Apple tags for locating luggage

Lufthansa bans AirTags, Apple tags for locating luggage

The airline no longer allows its passengers to attach AirTags to their luggage. The transmission function of Apple’s geolocation devices would be dangerous in flight.

The summer was punctuated by the discovery of luggage found thanks to geolocation beacons. However, the airline Lufthansa has chosen to ban AirTags from Apple. Based on the recommendations of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), the German company qualifies these devices as dangerous. They must therefore be extinguished before being placed in the hold.

Disruption of the proper functioning of aircraft

As the rumor started to swell on social media, a Twitter user posed the question directly to the company. The airline confirmed the ban on these devices: “Lufthansa prohibits activated AirTags in baggage because they are classified as dangerous and must be deactivated.”

Contacted by Tech&Co, the airline Lufthansa confirmed the ban on all geolocation devices. In question, the emission of frequencies – to locate the objects to which they are attached – which would disturb the proper functioning of the planes. “We are only following the recommendations of the ICAO”, assures a spokesperson to Tech&Co. For now, however, the company has not specified which text it was specifically referring to.

Embarrassment over misplaced luggage?

However, the arguments of the German company would not be admissible according to the AppleInsider site, which consulted several specialists in the aviation sector. First, the regulations invoked by the airline would only apply to larger devices, such as MacBooks. Then, an AirTag does not use a lithium-ion battery, covered by the regulations, but only a button cell.

The media specialist in the products of the American brand also ensures that in the event of a ban on AirTags, connected watches, which use the same type of cells to function, should also be prohibited. But they are not. According to these experts, the ban could be linked to the embarrassment of the airline during the loss of luggage equipped with a geolocation system.

Since the release of AirTags in the spring of 2021, many customers have taken to slipping the accessory into their suitcase, in order to locate it in real time in the event of loss. On social networks, the publications of Internet users questioning the tracking of airlines, accompanied by screenshots of the location of their luggage have multiplied, sometimes undermining the communication of the latter.

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