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The changes that WhatsApp has prepared for the next updates will allow you to have a huge number of people in the groups.

WhatsApp has become one of the most used applications when it comes to sending and receiving messages of any kind, whether they are audio What images either texts. Being one of the most used messaging applications in the world, its evolution has been constant and we even have different versions depending on the platform.

There is currently so much WhatsApp for Android mobile phones such as iOS, as well as a version for browsers known as whatsapp web and even a version for companies called whatsapp business. But perhaps the most interesting version is the beta version that allows you to know before anyone else the news that will arrive.

Over the last few weeks, the news that would come to WhatsApp has been discussed. Today a new feature that WhatsApp would be developing and that has been discovered thanks to WABetaInfo has been revealed. The new functionality of WhatsApp will allow to increase the number of users in the groups.

Until now, WhatsApp groups would have been limited to only 256 users, which is a somewhat low figure considering that Telegram has offered for several years a maximum number of 200,000 users per group. Now WhatsApp would have put the batteries and its maximum number would increase considerably.

WhatsApp prepares to increase the limit of users in its groups

From what has been seen thanks to WABetaInfo, now WhatsApp would be in the process of increasing the limit number of users from 256 people to 1024 people. This would mean that WhatsApp groups would have 768 more people when the messaging application increases the number of users.

It is true that the date on which this feature will be implemented in WhatsApp is unknown and, in fact, it may not arrive for several months. Also, keep in mind that WhatsApp must also prepare this integration in WhatsApp Web and possibly also in WhatsApp Business.

As long as WhatsApp does not decide on the date on which they will decide to implement this feature, we will have to wait. It may first reach mobile phones with both Android and iOS and then the rest of the applications. However, it is interesting to see that, unfortunately, it still works with the phone number.

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