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How many times do you leave your mobile on charge overnight? Some more, some less, all of us or almost all of us are used to doing this.

Phone under charge
Phone under charge –

Yet not all of us know that there is something we need to know about it.

That is, we can implement different behaviors that can allow us to save. What are we talking about? Read on below.

Sometimes we do things out of pure habit without asking ourselves if that is actually a good thing or a bad one.

Charging your mobile phone during the night is really a habit and can hide aspects that can and should be known. Surely now you are wondering what are we talking about.

Read on below to learn more and to understand that our behaviors can make a big difference too.

Mobile under charge: how to do it correctly?

As most of us know, to upload your own smartphone now you don’t need who knows how many hours.

They are generally sufficient a couple of hours and our phone is finally charged.

How many times when we read 100 percent do we breathe a sigh of relief?

In reality, there is one thing to know about this: that 100 percent does not correspond to a 100 percent real.

In reality we are talking about a charge of about 90%.


So if you want to fully charge your smartphone, unplug it about an hour after you see that 100 percent.

But what does this entail?

How much is consumed for to charge your mobile? Who knows how many times you have wondered.

How much does the smartphone consume under charge?

To answer this question, we refer to a specific study conducted many years ago by the laboratory of the United States Department of Energy in Berkeley.

According to this study, leaving your mobile phone charged overnight, more than 100 percent, we consume approximately 2.24W.

The question changes if we talk about the consumption that occurs during recharging: in this case we are talking about a consumption of 3.68W.

So we have a higher consumption.

And what happens if instead we leave our battery charger to the power even if our smartphone is not there?

In this case there is always a consumption, even if minimal. Let’s talk about 0.26W.

Mobile phone and consumption: what to do?

As you can see, we are certainly not in the presence of high consumption and yet we could avoid “consuming” if it is not strictly necessary to do so.


This means also save!

Also because the sum of all consumption in the end may not be so indifferent.

So what to do in this regard?

We could easily unplug the mobile phone about two hours after recharging and once our smartphone has been removed let’s get used to removing the battery charger as well.

This is exactly what it is about: getting used to behaviors that can be beneficial in terms of savings.

And if it comes to saving money, isn’t it worth trying them all?

In short, we are talking about small precautions that can make a big difference in a scenario where the real priority has now become one. Save money.

And will you follow these small and new habits from today?

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