NBA 2k21 Is The New Free Game On The Epic Games Store And You Can Now Download It



Epic Games Store, the digital distribution store for PC games from the creators of Fortnite, maintains its free games strategy to this day, where every week it surprises us with some interesting new game.

As we had mentioned in a previous article, this week’s game had been kept secret, a mechanic from which we have seen games like GTA V, the Batman Arkham trilogy and other Triple A come out and recently it has been revealed the one that will play this week.

Mysterious Epic Games Store Free Game Revealed


NBA 2K21 is the new installment of the famous best-selling basketball series NBA 2K. With significant improvements to gameplay, graphics, community and competitive online features, and a variety of game modes, NBA 2K21 offers a unique experience filled with basketball and NBA culture, where ‚Äúthis game it’s everything”.

As in other opportunities with the free games for PC on the Epic Games Store, NBA 2K21 will remain available to claim and download for free for a whole week, from today until next May 27, and if it is claimed before the end The promotion of this game will remain forever in our digital libraries.

It seems that the strategy of mysterious games will continue in the Epic Games store, since the next one will again be kept secret for a week pending its revelation on May 27.

It should be noted that to download free games from the Epic Games Store, you only need to have an Epic Games account or the store client, select the title and it will be in your digital library so you can download it from there.

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