Overwatch 2 x McDonald’s, collaboration announced on Twitter with a teaser – Nerd4.life

Overwatch 2 x McDonald's, collaboration announced on Twitter with a teaser - Nerd4.life

A tweet published by the Australian division of the fast food chain McDonald’s heralded the arrival of one cooperation with Overwatch 2Blizzard’s multiplayer shooter that opened servers last week.

As you can see in the post below, the tweet includes a photo of the game’s logo and the phrase “Coming Soon” sign that this collaboration could begin in a matter of weeks.

What can we expect? While the idea of ​​finding miniature replicas of Reinhardt, Winston, Wrecking Ball and companions in Happy Meals would appeal to fans, it is more plausible that players will receive codes to unlock. skins and other customization items of the heroes of the game by purchasing McDonald’s products, such as burgers, sodas, chips and so on.

This is suggested by the presence in the Overwatch 2 Heroes Galliera of various customization items currently blocked and which, according to the description, can be obtained through a “regional promotion”, like the ones in the pictures below. Furthermore, according to some reports, the Blizzard title is mentioned by some sales terminals of the chain.

That said, the collaboration has already sparked the imagination and hilarity of fans, who in a short time came out with some nice memes. In particular one presents the fictitious “Big MaK”, a new McDonald’s themed tank. Will he be the new Overwatch 2 character suggested by the game director for Season 2?

Staying on the subject, ElAnalistaDeBits has released a video that compares the PS5, Xbox Series X | S and PC versions of Overwatch 2.

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