We tell you what we think of Park Beyond after more than 3 hours of play.

Park Beyond Impressions - The Amusement Park Game We've Always Dreamed Of

Bandai Namco has given us the opportunity to attend a preview event for Park Beyond, the amusement park simulation game that was announced at Gamescom 2021 and is now expected to be released throughout the coming year on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series and PC. Throughout more than three hours, we have been able to test in depth both the campaign mode and the Mixed Bag, in which everything is possible, at the same time as we have been able to interview different members of Limbic Entertainmentdeveloper of this great proposal that has conquered us.

Park Beyond will arrive with the premise of allowing us to create the park we always dreamed of without worrying about the force of gravity. To learn how to do it, we can venture into a campaign mode in which a struggling company hires us to, with a visionary imagination when it comes to building theme parks, we recover the success of the company. A) Yes, the key to success will be in the creativity of the playerwithout technical limits.

Creating the best amusement park possible

In this event we were able to play the first campaign mode missionin which, after some brief cinematics, a character named Blaize invited us to build our first roller coaster in the middle of a city. Intuitively, we were able to learn the mechanics of building through various rails, boosters, pre-built paths, and some crazy stuff, like putting the car into a cannon that shoots people onto another rail.

While we were riding our roller coaster we could check if what we had done was possible through a simulation whose speed could be advanced by up to eight and, after having the coaster built, we could enjoy both in the first and third person of its journey. The beauty of the city and a music whose rhythm adapted to that of the rails made us enjoy our journey, reminding us of the adrenaline that this type of attraction produces.

In the second mission of the campaign mode, which we have also been able to complete, we delve deeper into the history of the game. In addition to serving as a tutorial to understand how the park works, the quest introduced us to Phil, a veteran park enthusiast, alongside Izzy, the company’s strict but personable executive. Thus, the goal now became improve the fiscal situation of a park on the verge of collapse.

Learning to manage our own park

Park Beyond

A roller coaster can go through an entire amusement park at Park Beyond

through conversations, we had to choose which audience to direct the park to (teenagers, families or adults) and its theme (West, candy or science fiction). The goal to improve the fiscal situation was set to have positive monthly earnings, have a minimum of 2 profitable attractions and have 300 visitors per day. Thus, we were surprised to discover the depth of the game, in which time advances, being able to stop or advance to discover how the operation of the park progresses (at the same time that we win/lose money).

To reach the goal, the game guided us to learn how to improve the park: we learned to keep it clean by placing trash cans and hiring staff, we built attractions, we made roads, shops… We also discovered to select the price of tickets and consult the opinions of the visitors through a menu that even told us if there are no toilets in our park.

Visitors’ opinions, as well as the public’s taste for any type of attraction or store, is divided into teenagers, families or adults, so sometimes we will have happier one public profile than another. Likewise, the park staff (cleaners, mechanics, doctors, entertainers…) have their own salaries and needs.

Quickly, the second mission of Park Beyond’s campaign mode reveals that the player becomes the amusement park managereven having access to an accounting menu to know the profits and/or losses of the park over time.

A free creation mode

park beyond

Park Beyond has many options to customize the parks

In addition to enjoying the first two missions of the game’s campaign mode, we were able to access the catch-all modein which we had the opportunity to create an amusement park with total creative freedom… and monetary. In this mode we will not have objectives established by the game, so we will be the ones who decide what to do.

In our case, we focused on creating more roller coasters, testing the numerous innovative ready-made modules to easily create unique rides with thousands of combinationsalthough we also tried to mount rails by modifying the pitch, yaw, pitch and loops of the track.

Also, in this way we were able to prove the impossibilitya mechanic that powers any aspect of the park: the roller coasters, the standard attractions, the staff… To use it, we had to fill a specific meter by upgrading our amusement park, and when we could use this power, we had to select what to apply it to to improve its performance and give it a crazier touch.

With the impossibility applied, the attractions had a crazier touch, while the workers received new material to work in a more satirical way. Thus, the fun of observing everything “impossible” turned out to be the most fun and curious when it came to discovering what we were going to provoke using the mechanics.

What else to expect from Park Beyond

park beyond

The characters of Park Beyond will lead us to make decisions

Thanks to an interview with Johannes Reithmancreative director of Park Beyond, together with louis vogt, level designer, we have been able to discover even more details of the game, which arises after the development of Tropico 6, where we could already govern places like an archipelago as a fearsome dictator or a pacifist statesman. In fact, the idea of ​​making a game about an amusement park part “of the knowledge we had and the good experience in combining a history and the management“next to”many team members loved roller coaster games from when they were kids till todayLouis revealed to us.

As for the park beyond charactersbeyond what we have known, we have been able to know that we will also know “Alex, the safety inspector who will lead us to meet quality standards; either sophia, an engineer who will be by our side to provide us with material; and more characters that will appear throughout the game’s missions to explain functions or send us messages“, emphasizing that the game that will arrive with voices and texts in Spanish.

As for the source of inspiration when creating the game, Louis confessed that “numerous real amusement parks have been taken into accountlike the well-known carousels in Paris, something that he believes has made the impossibility satisfactory, since he wanted to take everything real one step further by thinking how to take something ordinary to the next level with crazy things like eight rails joining into onealthough starting from ideas that really exist in real amusement parks“.

For his part, Johannes explained to us how he wanted to capture all the opinions that visitors will have to the amusement parks of the players. “You will be able to know even if a road is very dirty, collapses with many people or requires a food or drink stall. In terms of logistics, you can be very meticulous if you want to the point of being able to know if a position is profitable one month. Opinions can be consulted in a general way through a list. But by clicking on a single visitor you can even find out if they have bathroom needs!“He told us between laughs.

The creative director specified that catch-all mode isa sandbox where you can do whatever you want after realizing while testing the game that it allowed you to do things in numerous ways. People will be able to focus on making creations, there will be those who prefer to decorate specific parts of the park or there will be people who prefer to think about management, since they would like to control prices. This mode basically allows you to create without worriesallowing you to focus on making creations with infinite money, or to propose real challenges“.

We need the release of Park Beyond

park beyond

Park Beyond, a game in which we build amusement parks

From his German studio, Limbic hopes that the impossibility will conquer players through Park Beyond, a proposal that has conquered us for different reasons:

  • A lot of options when it comes to create our roller coaster so that we feel that it has a touch that makes it our own, being able to enjoy its route once built in an instant.
  • Endless possibilities when creating our park: numerous standard attractions, stalls, paths, staff, expandable spaces…
  • A park management system from the deepestshowing visitor opinions, the number of visits and the state of the financial accounts of the park.
  • A technical and audiovisual section worthy of new generation which only needs to improve the expressions of the characters when it comes to dialogue.

After numerous RollerCoaster Tycoon, Park Beyond will arrive during the year 2023 as a triple A with the intention of being the most complete video game we have seen in terms of amusement parks.. We hope it succeeds, the studio only has to polish this experience full of content, fun… and screams from the visitors of the players’ parks.

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