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According to several users on Reddit they had been reporting an update in PTR la (1.14), which according to Bill Warnecke Blizzard Software Engineer on Reddit, would be the update about the changes to Roadhog and Junkrat that Geoff Goodman had mentioned on the forums. Overwatch officials and also said update would come with a format change in the game files, it is very likely that this specific action is to make the datamining that Overwatch has been suffering in recent months more difficult, let us remember that almost most of the updates have been leaked up to several days before their official announcement.

According to what Bill tells us, this update is bigger than it seems (4.18gb) and they are sectioning it to avoid overloading the servers, so that in a couple of days it will be complete and working on the Test Realms of Overwatch.

What will be the big changes to Roadhog and Junkrat?

For the One-Man Apocalypse, there is an improvement in terms of his role as a tank, since it is thought that Roadhog, when using his Take a Breather ability, will no longer be vulnerable, it is more possible to move and receive 50% less damage while this is running. With this it is very possible that Roadhog will be more viable in the competitive scene again.

Now for our friend who loves explosives, it is planned to maximize his mobility, giving a second charge to his Concussion Mine ability, which will allow us to generate a second or even a third jump, even facing Phara, who By the way, almost no hero can EFFECTIVELY counter him (no, Soldier 76, he’s not his main counter). There will also be a way to improve his ultimate Rip Tire, in which Geoff mentioned that it could be in his speed or life, but not both.

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