the HDMI box for cloud gaming is very discreet

Xbox Series S Xbox button // Source: Arnaud Gelineau – Frandroid

Microsoft is working on a new device known as the ” Keystone “. Phil Spencer was already talking about it in 2021 and the hypothesis of the launch of an HDMI key (resembling a Chromecast or a Fire TV Stick) allowing you to play Xbox cloud gaming has since been mentioned several times. Others think, however, that it would rather be a small box.

A discreet teaser from Phil Spencer

On October 10, Phil Spencer, head of the Xbox division, posted a photo on Twitter featuring a figurine of Vault Boy, the icon of the Fallout saga. And since man is teasing and accustomed to hiding manyeaster eggsin her photos, fans scrutinized the smallest details of the image.

Vault Boy left the shelter and stopped by my office to celebrate the #Fallout25 Anniversary. Congratulations to the @Fallout @Bethesda teams on this major milestone for an iconic franchise.

—Phil Spencer (@XboxP3) October 10, 2022

Looking closely, we can see on the top shelf a small white box resembling a miniature Xbox Series S. Maybe a simple mockup of the console? Not really. If we look closely, we notice that the controller association button next to the USB port is missing (oversized by the way if it’s just a thumbnail) and that the Xbox button is aligned with the latter while in the diagonal corner on the Xbox Series S.

A real TV box

According to rumors, this small Xbox box would be more than just a support for Xbox Game Pass games. It would actually be a real complete TV box capable in particular of launching media applications like Netflix. The Verge also indicates that it knows that the product is not canceled and will indeed arrive on the market, without giving a precise date.

The main question remains to be elucidated. At what price could Microsoft offer such a box? Remember that the Xbox Series S is currently offered at 269 euros.

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