The Last Of Us Part II is already among us, the continuation of Ellie and Joel’s adventure has finally been released this past June 19 on Playstation 4 and it seems that people’s opinion, at least in Metacritic, has not been most favourable.

The Last Of Us Part II, had already had a somewhat bumpy start, being the victim of delays in its premiere twice, and in addition to having suffered a massive leak that exposed part of its history.

According to sales, the new Naughty Dog game has been a complete success, positioning itself as number one in the United Kingdom, and has generated all kinds of opinions on the network, from the most “experts” who have practically given it a rating perfect.

Even the users, who at least in Metacritic seem to have organized themselves to once again blow up a title to negative reviews. As of this writing, The Last Of Us Part II has around 43,000 reviews, where 13,605 are positive and 28,395 are negative.

Going into detail of the criticisms generated, most of those who have voted negative between 0 and 5, argue that the story has not been engaging enough, at the level of the first game, with poor character development, and plot holes, obviously between so many comments without argumentative value, it is difficult to know if the majority exactly thinks that way or not.

On the other hand, its director Neil Druckmann, has taken the criticism of the players with some humor, talking about its impact with respect to the first part, and like this second, it has far exceeded the number of opinions.

“Oh…. In just a few hours we have DOUBLE the number of reviews for The Last Of Us Part II compared to the first game in these 7 years. I love that passion!”

Be that as it may, this type of action, already known as Review Bombing, has become something frequent in the industry, especially when there are certain inclusive inclinations in video games, which some describe as “forced”, which motivates a part of the community to try to boycott the premiere of a title.

The Last Of Us Part II is available from June 19 and is exclusive to Playstation 4.

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