the news that no one would ever want to hear

The news has arrived that WhatsApp would become paid: what is going to happen and what should we expect from this news?

The times in which to hear a person we had to ‘necessarily’ call him or at most send a message seem long gone. Now, however, thanks to the development of technology and the invention of instant messaging applications, everything has definitely changed.

WhatsApp payment news
WhatsApp for a fee. Credit: Adobe-Stock

Among the many applications in circulation, WhatsApp is certainly one of the best. Its incredible functions and its being continuously updated, certainly makes it one of the most complete and above all safe. A truly unique way to communicate, which will allow us to communicate in real time with anyone we have in the address book. In just one click, all distances are broken down and we could be close to our loved ones, even if not physically. Not a small thing, which helped us especially in long periods of lock down.

WhatsApp for a fee, the news that is keeping everyone in suspense

Among the many expected news concerning WhatsApp, one is making all its users discuss and worry. In fact, for some time now in the Meta corridors, the rumor has been circulating that from here shortly WhatsApp up to now free, could become paid. One thing, which if successful, would undoubtedly divide its users. On the one hand, those who see it positively and, on the other, those who will not agree at all on the choice of having to pay it.

WhatsApp payment news
Payment for WhatsApp. Credit: Adobe-Stock

But how much truth is there in this leaked news? The first thing we want to tell you, and that will surely make you breathe a sigh of relief, is that Paid WhatsApp will be exclusively for business accounts. So for those who use it with a private account, as we all do in practice, there will be no danger for the moment.

But what does this paid WhatsApp consist of? In this version WhatsApp will have a real Premium section. A part where it will be possible to use functions that no one else will have.

One of these, the possibility to connect up to 10 devices.

But the real news is there possibility to create Custom Links that is, personalized links, which, if clicked, will put you in direct contact with the company in question.

These links will all have an identical domain ie name. It will be the second part that can be customized. Each link will last 90 days and only then can a new one be generated.

At the moment, some of these Premium features have only appeared on some WhatsApp Beta, which are testing their reliability, but it is not yet known when they will be available for Business users, nor how much it will cost to underwrite the subscription. .

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