Prices continue to rise, and managing your finances is becoming more and more complicated. There is actually a convenient and effective solution, which you can download directly to your smartphone

We are experiencing one of the most complicated periods of the recent past as far as this is concerned the global economy. The crisis continues to rage, thanks to the pandemic emergency and the war in Ukraine. It has become even more difficult to manage one’s finances, amidst skyrocketing prices and bills that will touch record figures.

wallet app 20221009 mobiles.it
The data of the applications in question continues to rise, and does not want to stop (Adobe Stock)

But how to best manage the situation? As always in these cases, technology can help us. Certainly not to lower costs, it would be impossible. However, having a useful tool to manage monthly and daily expenses can be vital in certain cases. Especially if the solution in question it’s free and easy to use.

Finance management app, here’s what you need to know

The hunt for savings has officially begun, even in Italy. A practically obligatory phenomenon, considering the costs that continue to increase even for basic necessities. That is why the so-called are becoming more and more successful “wallet-saving” app. We are talking specifically about smartphone software that give users the ability to better manage their finances, keeping all incoming and outgoing movements under control.

wallet app 20221009 mobiles.it
If you want to save, there are some useful apps that will get you what you want at a bargain price (Adobe Stock)

But not only that, because there are also a lot of services aimed at saving. Suffice it to say that, according to the latest data that emerged, the largest number of downloads are getting it Vinted, Auting, TooGoodTooGo and many other realities designed to have everything at a bargain price. The absolute record was recorded by TooGoosToGo, a service that allows you to buy all food surpluses from pastry shops, bakeries and supermarkets at very low prices. In September alone, 500,000 meals were saved, compared with an average of 350,000. And it grows by 6000 users per dayfor a given that does not want to decline.

Similar speech for Auting, a platform designed for car sharing between individuals. Or Vinted, a real showcase in which to sell your used clothes both in Italy and abroad. If you have some scraps in your closet and you don’t want to throw it away, you can put it on sale today to take home a good nest egg.

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